Your Story Matters

Being human is very beautiful and also can be very difficult. Our bodies carry stories of great beauty as well as great shame. Some stories often don’t get listened to or honored and we often carry a deep aloneness in those stories and can find ourselves employing many short term fixes for dealing with the pain.

Together we can listen to these stories and imagine new ways to bring kindness and care to these exiled stories.

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It’s time to listen to the story your body has been waiting it’s whole life to tell.

Scott is a good man. The word ‘good’ can be read as a middling compliment - it is not. It is an assessment of his character, gifting, passion, commitment and heart for Jesus. Scott is a man whose goodness rings like a clarion call to life. He is a kind, bold, and wise man who knows how to speak to the deepest parts of your heart to expose your brokenness and invite you to the glory of redemption. Scott is honest, trust to the heart, and kind. If you want to grow, Scott has walked the dark paths in his own life, and with many others, and he will walk with you into a goodness that is worth all the struggle. Scott is a dear friend.

Dan B. Allender, Ph.D.

Professor of Counseling Psychology & Founding President The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology